March 29, 2022

477. Flying Blind

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Episode 477


Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong.

1 Corinthians 16:13


Last week I was on a business trip to Cincinnati, as I mentioned. And something happened when I was flying over. And I wrote it down on my notes, and I saw it today, and it reminded me of what I wrote down essentially when we were flying; we were going through a huge cloud, and it probably lasted like 30 minutes; it was a huge cloud. I could not literally see anything except for white when I looked outside the window, and that was a bit scary to me because I just couldn’t see anything. But I thought it was a perfect picture of what faith looks like. And that is going through moments and what you cannot see. But knowing that there is a solid foundation beneath you and knowing that there are tools to help guide you. And so that is exactly what faith is. It’s being firm in our faith, knowing that no matter if we cannot see what is in front of us, if we do not know what’s ahead, we still know that there is a strong foundation underneath us and that we have the tools and in this case in our case, we have a beautiful book and a Bible that we can read and learn more about God’s character that helps us get to our destination. And so, let’s just be strong in our faith today. Let us stand firm in the faith. Let us be courageous to let us be strong in going into these moments where we cannot necessarily see what’s ahead of us. 


We don’t know what season lies in front of us, but we know that just like sonar on a plane, we know that God is around us, he is guiding us, and He will ensure that we do not go come into harm’s way we know we’re going to land safely and we know that this is just momentary we know that the cloud will soon class, and so another part of that is just you know normal turbulence on a plane happens, and the flight attendants all sat down when the pilot made the announcement that we were going to come into some turbulence and everybody just sat down and nobody panic it and although it is panic some to me because I hate turbulence. I was reminded that there are people who do this day in and day out; they have gone through the turbulence a million times, and they know exactly what posture to take, only go through bumpy roads. And those are our testimonies. Those are our way of getting through a bumpy season, and when we know that there’s a bumpy season ahead of us again, we know the posture we must take, which is the posture of faith. And that inspires the people around us to stay calm because it might be their first time going through some bumpy roads. And so today, let us stand firmer faith.


Let us remember that the cloud will soon pass, and let us remember that even when we’re flying blind. We know that there’s a strong foundation around us, and we will always arrive safely that Jesus always has those in the palm of his hand.



Father God, we love you so much, and Lord, today we are on our guard. We are standing firm in the faith. We are going to be courageous; we are going to be strong with the obstacles ascent ahead of us, Lord, we don’t know what we’re going into. We don’t know what season lies ahead. But we know that no matter what, even when we can’t see it, even when we don’t know where we’re headed. We know that there is a strong foundation underneath us, that your love will guide us, and we will always arrive at the next destination safely. Because you have us in the palm of your hands. We love you so much, and we are willing to endure the turbulence. Lord, with you by our side, we know that we are going to take the posture of faith, so it is in your son’s holy name that we pray for today. And every day. Amen.

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