498. We Have What They Need

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Episode 498


Go, stand in the temple courts,” he said, “and tell the people all about this new life.

Acts 5:20


We know that eternal life is found through a narrow road, and we have a way of life, and it is not easy. The Gospel asks us to bear across every day we have to die to ourselves. Every day we have to leave that person behind. We have to leave our flesh behind, and so it’s not easy. So when people look at what we have, they don’t necessarily want what we have, but we know deep down inside that they need what we have. 


We know that what we have set souls on fire; it sets the light inside, it sets the Holy Spirit to lead us, it sets a foundation for a strong life, a beautiful life. And so what we have people need even if they don’t necessarily want it. And so, through our testimonies, we can bring people closer to Christ. And so that means living your life with gratitude. That means always giving him the praise, always giving him the worship, always thanking him for what you have, and being public about that and not being, you know, afraid to share how good God has been in your life because of what he’s good in your life. It just shows that he can make good in someone else’s life. And so those that are far from Christ have the ability to learn more about him through the way that he has displayed His goodness in yours. And so today, let us tell all the people in the things that he’s done for us, that always shows up with a grateful heart. Let us show up with the attitude that although we live on this narrow road and although it is hard and although we know we have to take up our cross, although we have, you know, quote-unquote, regulations, and strict rules. They’re really just parameters for our life of everlasting love. They are not rules that we have to live by. Remember that God gave us free will. 


These are rules that we live by freely because we choose to do so. And when we step out of line, you know, the Holy Spirit is there to condemn us, and the Holy Spirit is there to convict us, and so, although that might be painful for some, it’s rewarding to know that we have a father that loves us that guides us and protects us, no matter you know how far we may slip. And so what we have others need, and the only way that we can tell all the people that what we have is what they need is by them seeing the goodness of God through our lives by us living the testimony by us always pointing back to him by always giving him the praise that he so deserves.



Father God, we thank you for everything that you do in our lives. Lord, we thank you for the way that you pour out Your blessings like the goodness that you show us every single day. So, Lord, we use our testimonies to attract others to the goodness of you. Lord, we know that although this way of life may be a narrow road, faith is hard at times; it’s so rewarding. At the end of it all, we get to live life everlasting with you, and so we invite other people to get to know you, Lord; a way to that is by expressing our utmost gratitude for everything you’ve given us. We thank you for every you know, a meal that we’ve had, the roof over our head, the blessing in our careers and our families, the relationships that you’ve given us, the doors that you’ve opened for us. We know that all of this is only possible because of your goodness and not because of our merits like we talked about yesterday, but because you have been good and will always be a good father. And so today, we tell all the people of all the things you’ve done in our lives so that they realize what we have they need; it is in your son’s holy name that we pray Amen.

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