499. The Life Giver

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Episode 499


To the roots of the mountains, I sank down; the earth beneath barred me in forever. But you, LORD my God, brought my life up from the pit.

Jonah 2:6


There have been many moments in my life where I have been at the bottom at the actual pit of my darkest of days; there have been moments in which nothing in this world could have gotten me up if it wasn’t for the love of Jesus if it wasn’t for the blessings in my life. Then I can only thank him because I know that they only come from him; they are not possible without him. And when I think about those moments, I think about how low life can get and how sad moments can become either moment of grieving or moments of uncertainty, moments of not again, or this can be moments of financial instability, moments in which just take your breath away and not in a good way. And I just think of those times when fear can paralyze me, and maybe fear can paralyze you at times. And I look at the light around me, and I am so thankful for God who pulls me from the pit. I’m so thankful for a Lord who brings my life meaning. I’m so thankful for Jesus, who just shows us a better way of life. One in which doesn’t have to be in this sorrow. It doesn’t have to be one full of grief or full of remorse or full of fear but the complete opposite. We get to live a life that is even in those hard times, even in those moments filled with sorrow and filled with pain. We know that we have a God who loves us dearly, one that looks after us, one that protects us, and one that gives us the true meaning of life. When opposes from the pit that pulls us from those low moments and tells us that we are loved. We are enough, and we have everything that we need in order to succeed in order to take control of the day ahead of us. And so I don’t know what season in life you’re in. I don’t know if you’ve had a rough week or a rough day at work. I don’t know if you’re not excited about whatever you know you’re about to walk into. Maybe that is maybe that work. Maybe that’s something that’s going on at home, but I do know this. God loves you, and He is protecting you, and he is guiding you, and we just have to take a moment to sit in his presence just thank him; when we come to him with an Attitude of Gratitude, things change the energy in the room shifts, and we can just devote ourselves to fixing our eyes on Him. And so today, we’re looking at the life-giver. We’re looking at Jesus; we’re looking at our Father, who gives us true meaning even in the status of times.



Father God, you pull us from our deep depressions, and Lord, we surrender those moments to you. God, there can be times in which fear completely paralyzes us, but we know that your love is so much stronger. And so today, we hold on to your love; we hold on to your guiding light. We hold on to who you are in our lives. The true, imperfect King, the author of our life, the one who guides our every step. Lord, we give it all to you. We thank you for pulling us from the deepest and darkest of places and for giving us life. We ask that you plus this beautiful Thursday, and it is in your holy name that we pray. Amen

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