509. The Breath of Life

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Episode 509


The Spirit of God has made me; the breath of the Almighty gives me life

Job 33:4

Yesterday I spent the morning with my sister we went over to the beach to watch the sunrise. And it’s this new thing that she’s trying to do every Wednesday, and I was encouraged to go. I love the sunrise. I think it’s so peaceful. And you can see God’s hand at work in our nature when you’re able to get away for about half an hour and just appreciate all that is around you. And so yesterday, I was sitting at the beach, toes in the sand looking out into the water, watching that sun peak above the clouds, and I just saw God move he was moving in all of the different aspects. He didn’t have to verbally say something. I didn’t hear him from an audio perspective. I didn’t hear words come out of his mouth. I didn’t see him physically. It didn’t see his face in the cloud. I didn’t see a person that resembled him. No. I saw his art, his artistic expression through the colors of the sky, through the waves that crashed on the water, and through the breath that I can feel from the earth underneath me. And I realized that that same artistic style that he had when creating the Earth lives within me. 

That breath that he gave us is the breath of life that lives inside of you, awesome. And we get to channel that we get to pray over that we get to thank our Lord for giving us the opportunity to connect with him at a deeper level. Right here. Right now, we have the opportunity to phone a friend, basically call our father, and talk to him directly rather than, you know, rather than having to go through loops to do so. So look at your breath when you are anxious, when you are sad, when you’re nervous. You’re full of fear as you look at this season ahead of you. Look at your breath. Check in with that pulse inside and look for the fingerprints of God all over your life the same way that you can find them all over nature, the same artist that created the earth, the winds, and the waves, the same person that made you and the hairs on your body.


Father God, we love you. We thank you for the breadth that you have given us. We lean to you. When things get tough, Lord, we lean to you, and things are great. Or we look at your wonders and everything you do. We see you in the waves, we see you in the sky, we see you in the color that shines from the sun and between the clouds, and we are in all of your goodness. We are in all of your mightiness, and we’re just so thankful that You created all that beauty, and you so created us. We thank you for our life. We thank you for the breath of life. We pray this all your son’s mighty name; we ask that you bless us on this beautiful Thursday. We ask that you bless those that we love most. It is in Jesus’s name that we pray. Amen.

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