May 13, 2022

510. The Gift of Power

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Episode 510


But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.

Acts 1:8

What I love most about the Holy Spirit is that voice inside that nudges the convicts that leave that protects that good voice inside that is the Holy Spirit. I was having a conversation with one of my best friends. Her name is Deanna, and we were talking about how we, as we got older, just started to listen to the voice that told us what to do. And when to do it. It has been many times that we can hear the words, you know, you shouldn’t. Don’t open that door, and then we do open that door, and something bad happens. And in more of a literal case, you know, you should take out that, you know, remove those clothes from the back seat, and then we forget to do so, and we bring the dog into the back seat, and the dog just ruins all of our clothes. And it seems super far-fetched, but it happens all the time. It happens day in and day out. The Holy Spirit is talking to us, and we need to learn how to listen to him, and we need to learn how to stop dismissing the voice and actually engage with what he’s saying. Because the greatest gift that Jesus left us was the gift of the Holy Spirit. He told His disciples, and He told those that followed him to me in the room of the upper room, and that the gift of the Holy Spirit will come to a call upon them. And I did. And since that moment and for the generations beyond that, we have had the opportunity and the privilege to live on an Earth where we don’t see the physical representation of Jesus. We don’t see the physical form of our father, but we have His Holy Spirit that lives within each and every single one of us, and that Spirit is our divine connection to the Father. He is the One and the only way to the father, so he is the way we get to speak to him. 

When we pray, the Holy Spirit hears it. When we pray, the Holy Spirit actually knows what we need before we even need it. And so that is the tongue of the Spirit. And it is something that is very powerful. So I labeled today’s Devo the gift of power because we have power that lives within our veins that we can tap into a power that comes from above heavenly power that is channeled right within our souls, something that we get to hold on to. I was talking to my sister as well about our health and what health looks like. And I think that in our perspective, and we’ve talked about it before, we are a three-part man; we are all body, our soul, and our Spirit. And so our homes or our bodies are the home of our Spirit, and our souls and our souls are more like our personalities. 

The thing that makes us who we are are the characteristics that define us, but then the Spirit is the Holy Spirit, the good voice inside the guiding voice and so, today, let us tap into the gifts of power. Sometimes especially if you’re a new Christian, the idea of the Holy Spirit is hard to fathom. But as you continue your walks with Christ, you’re going to find that the Holy Spirit is probably one of the best parts about being Christian because it is the greatest gift that he could have ever given us. And it is the greatest gift of power that we have that lives within our veins.


Father God, we thank you for your gift of the Holy Spirit. Lord, we believe in the three parts, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Spirit until they were leaning into him. Lord, Lord, speak to us. Guide us, not just convict us. Protect us. Be that voice of reason. Remind us when to do something and when not to do so. And then show us when it is that you are speaking. Don’t let us give in to the eagle; don’t let us give in to the voice that betrays us, the voice that nags on us the voice and makes us feel like not enough or that is flesh, and we’re not leaning into flesh today, but we’re leaning into Spirit. We’re leaning into your divine voice. Thank You that You love us so much that you gave us this tool of power to tap into when we need strength. Solar, we ask for your comfort. We ask for your blessing, and we ask for your provision; we ask for your vision. We love you with everything in us; only pray this all in your son’s mighty name. Amen.

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