June 10, 2022

530. Your Success is His Success

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Episode 530


May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed.

Psalm 20:4

 What I discovered in my prayer or the revelation that I got was even when things are not going well and even when things are going well. We always have to point it back to Jesus. It’s been a common theme and my prayers for a couple of days. But I think it’s because life is going so well for me right now that I have to be very mindful is a word that a lot of people may not necessarily be walking in the same kind of joy. 

Just like in December, when it was the roughest month of my life with everything that was going on at home with my dad. I was also mindful that not everybody was going through such a tough time life didn’t really suck that bad for some people, and life may not be that great for some people. And so, in my morning prayers and in my time with Jesus, I came to the realization that our success is his success. When things are going well. I encourage you to share it because when we share how good our life is there going to ask, why is it that she gets to have a smile on her face? When all those things have happened to her? How is it that she was able to achieve this when that and how does she get that job and you know, how is it possible that he is excelling in his career? People ask questions that they don’t understand. And we don’t have an easy explanation. Because our stories our testimonies always point back to Jesus. So we can’t prove that it was through our merit, but we can prove that it is through His grace that we get to live such joyous lives. So our success is his success. When we are celebrating when we were doing good, when we pointed back to Jesus, those are easy wins for the Kingdom. 

It’s easy to show and always point back to the goodness of God when things are going well. But also when things are not going well. It is another easy win for the Kingdom. Because in our struggle our turmoil, in our pain, if we stay true to our faith, others see others take notice, and others ask, how do you have so much peace facing the mountain that you’re facing? How is it that you continue to pray? How is it that you continue to lean on God when facing what you’re facing? And the answer is that God is good in the highs. God is good in the lows. And so when we are faced with pain, we are constant in our faith, and when we are faced with celebratory graduations, engagements, and new homes, when we are faced with good news, our faith is constant because on the high and on the low. 

We meet a father who walks straight down the valleys with us and straight up the mountain tops with us, and when we point back to Jesus, people start asking, and little by little, one after another as people start to point to the kingdom and they start to look to see if they can get a little piece of what we have. And the good news is that there is plenty to go around. 


Father God, we thank you that our success is your success. We celebrate our lives in the good times, and we celebrate our peace in the bad times. Lord, we know that you are always watching over us. We know that everything is for You for Your glory, Lord, and so we recognize that the good is for you. The bad is also for you to show how good you are to us, even when we’re faced with pain and grief. So we think we thank you for this beautiful Friday. We thank you for that; you’re going to bless this weekend, and we’re excited to meet back on Monday to learn more about you. We pray this all your holy name, Amen.

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