June 21, 2022

537. Will You Answer

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Episode 537

Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” And I said, “Here am I. Send me!
Isaiah 6:8

It all comes down to a very simple, very simple question. When the Lord calls, will you answer? We have many callings in life, and your calling isn’t attached to your entire life; maybe some callings are attached to different seasons. I truly believe that different callings are attached to different seasons, and the Lord calls on us every single day, first and foremost, to show up but to put him at the center of our lives. He gave us free will, so we have the choice to do that. But then, beyond that, he calls us in different seasons to do different things. He might be calling you to a life of education while you’re in school. He’s been calling you into a life of building a house and a home. He’s calling you to the life of building a career so that you may be a blessing in someone else’s life.

He’s calling you to build the ministry in whatever capacity he has he when, and the reality is that he can call us in many different aspects of our lives, sometimes two to three different callings in one given moment. But the underlining of that is that we all have one same calling, and that is to love others as Jesus did so that we may continue to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. So the others may be changed by the testimony of our word, the testimony of what happened in our lives, and may that give others the ability to look at Jesus and ask can you do the same for me?
Now, sometimes, we’re called to places we don’t necessarily want to go. And that is what led me to the title of today’s message. Will you answer? Not wanting to answer is a very normal, human flesh Driven Decision. Something that a lot of people struggle with. This podcast is two years old, with 537 episodes; some nights, I don’t want to, but when you understand the calling, and the gifts attached to what you’re doing, even on the days that you don’t feel like it, you will go, and the Lord asks for us to do so every day He tests us. He pushes us; he wants to see how far we’ll go. And so, the encouragement for today is very simple. When the Lord calls, will you answer if you want to or not? We all have to be willing to go; we have to be willing to sacrifice time in doing whatever he’s asked us to do.

We have to be willing and sacrifice. Treasure. We had to be willing to sacrifice things that we’re not comfortable sacrificing because it is through that sacrifice that we grow, and we trust in the Lord. And so he was always a provider; he will provide for you this season. And we are doing the will of his of his work. And so that is probably the greatest blessing out of anything that we can possibly do, doing the will and work of God. So I asked that if he calls you you answer. And Lord, today, if you call us, may we all answer.

Father God, thank you for this beautiful Tuesday. Lord, we come together in prayer, asking you to continue to strengthen us to continue to guide us, and we thank you for giving us a call for calling us to do something greater. Lord, we look to you for the strength to say yes; we look to you for the strength to answer that call. So Holy Spirit, we invite you into our lives today. May you continue to strengthen and guided us. We love you so much. We pray this all in your son’s holy name, amen.

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