June 23, 2022

539. Take Root

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Episode 539

Those on the rocky ground are the ones who receive the word with joy when they hear it, but they have no root. They believe for a while, but in the time of testing, they fall away.
Luke 8:13

This was such a powerful verse when I read it. I was reviewing my prayer time, and when I saw this first, it just stood out to me when I think about solid ground and the importance of a strong foundation. My immediate thought goes to my feet, understanding that having a solid foundation would not allow me to sway in any which direction when things are either really exciting or when they’re painful. So different seasons can produce different kinds of emotions and what this right here is saying is that we cannot build our faith on rocky ground. Because when we have good news, we’re full of joy. And when we have great seasons, we are ecstatic.

We are happy we are praised in the name of the Lord, but if the ground is Rocky, then when bad news comes or when a bad season hits us, we are easy to fall away. So today, I just wanted to talk about the importance of taking root and the importance of having a solid foundation that we can root ourselves into the best part of our route. The best part about a tree is that its roots continue to grow down. And as we continue to grow upwards, our roots are continuing to strengthen and position ourselves in a way that won’t allow us to move.

The best part about being in Miami, so we are equipped to handle hurricanes and all those countries to fall. What’s miraculous is over 80% of them are still standing. The roots are strong. And although they may look like they’ve been swayed in every single direction, they are still standing, and so I hope that when we face a hurricane when facing a storm, our roots are so strong that we may come out, and our hair might be shifted in another direction. So we may have been shaken, but we will never fall because we are firm in our belief, we are firm in our faith, and we know that our God He’s a God that can withstand the storm. And so we are planting our roots, we’re taking root, and we’re withstanding anything that may come our way. We’re thankful for a father who loves us, cherishes us, and protects us, but one who also gives us the strength to withstand any kind of storm.

Father God, we thank you for being our protector at all times. Lord, we thank you for the ability that we can take root, the ability that we don’t have to build our faith on rocky ground, but we can build our faith on strong on a strong foundation. Or we thank you for the opportunity to come together and worship You, Lord, We love you so much. We thank you for your presence. We thank You for Your guidance. We ask that you bless us this day; we ask that you bless us as we continue on. It is in your holy name that we pray, day in and day
out. Amen

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