540. Alike but Better

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Episode 540

God is not human, that he should lie, not a human being, that he should change his mind. Does he speak and then not act? Does he promise and not fulfill?
Numbers 23:19

The idea came to my mind that he is so much greater than us. And the reason why I say that we are alike but better in the sense that he is better. Because he didn’t make us in His likeness, right, he created us in His image. He made us male and female; he gave us different attributes that together make the attributes of God. He is tender when needed. He is strong when also needed. He is a combination of everything that makes us humans. Beautiful. Now he is way better than us. Because he does not lie, he is not one to say something and then not do it. And we, on the other hand, tend to live we are always falling short of perfection. We fall short of righteousness. But God is not like that. He is not human. He does not lie. He’s not human, and so he does not change his mind. He is not one to go to a restaurant and not be able to pick something off the menu because he’s in between two different options. He doesn’t have that ability to contemplate what he wants to do, or he doesn’t want to do what he wants to eat, what he doesn’t want to eat. He doesn’t have the ability to lie to his friends and family. We are his family. We are His children, and he is not a liar. And that is the best part about God.

He is sovereign. He is holy, and he is one that sticks to his word. So I come before you today and as we pray and get ready for the day ahead of you. God gave you a word; he gave you a promise. He said something to you. Our father is not a liar. He does not want to take back his word; he does not want to change his mind. So if he has called you to something, you have to have the faith that you have everything that you need to get that done. And if he has told you something, if he has given you a promise for your life, hold on to it if he told you that he has a spouse for you. You better believe it. Suppose he told you that you are going to have financial stability even in the midst of a recession. You hold on to that promise.

God is not the one to change his mind. He has called you for greatness. He has called you to do something greater. He has called it to be His child. So go out there and tell people about Jesus. Don’t smother them, but tell them about how you live your life. Tell them through all of the promises that God has always kept. Tell them and show them all of the mercy and blessings that He has given you. Show the world just how good our God is. And in that, you will be blessed tenfold.

Father God, we thank you, Lord, for another beautiful day. God bless this Friday as we go about our days. Lord, thank you for being the truest and most honest, and most protective. And most sovereign being over our life, or do you are not a liar, and we know that you have our best interests in mind. So when you give us a word and call us to something, Lord, we know that you do not change your mind. We know that you will give us all of the tools that we need to see those things come to life. And so God, we’re just praying over all of the callings in our individual lives and in the columns of our collective community; Lord, we are a group of people who know your goodness and have seen your work day in and day out. And God, we’re just believing in you. We are just trusting you in the season. We are thanking you that you do not change your mind about us. You do not give up on us, but you give us the strength to keep going. So, Lord, I ask that you bless this Friday, and I ask that you bless this weekend. It is in your holy name that we pray today and every day. Amen.

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