June 27, 2022

541. A Mighty Stamp

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Episode 541

Do not work for food that spoils, but for food that endures to eternal life, which the Son of Man will give you. For on him, God the Father has placed his seal of approval.
John 6:27

I love the picture of a stamp of approval. It is something that has stuck with me ever since I watched How I Met Your Mother. There is an episode that talks about Lily’s stamp of approval and how she does not give it often. And I think I’ve talked about this before in the past, but it paints a perfect picture that our stamp of approval should not be given freely. You don’t want to say that this is the best pizza you’ve ever had when you have a great pizza. Because if everything is the best pizza you’ve ever had, then really, what is the best?

Your stamp of approval becomes less and less valid. And so we serve a father who has a mighty stamp, and his stamp of approval was sealed on Jesus. Jesus got the stamp of approval from our Lord and heaven. And Jesus was a perfect, perfect man who came down. He is all God, all men. He came down from heaven, and he sacrificed his life for us. And so he got the mighty stamp of approval. And what we need to do in our life is to ensure that we are as humble and as hardworking and as delicate and as gentle and as graceful as we possibly can notice how they’re all in different directions. Because the truth is that we can’t just go to work to work, right? I’m praying for the day ahead of me. I’m starting a new job, and I didn’t decide to leave a five-year company for something that was going to be easier. No, it’s a lot harder because I know that I need to push myself and that God did open this door for me. And so I’m not looking to work for food that spoils. I’m looking to continue to grow in my discipline.

I’m looking to continue to grow in my communication skills. I’m looking to continue to grow in the ways that I serve others. And so, on the surface, it’s a normal marketing job. But boy, deep down below, I am learning or growing in different aspects that helps in my walk with Christ. Because discipline allows me to continue to come back for prayer every day. And communication allows me to communicate my testimony. And learning to serve others in the work environment allows me to serve others in the church environment. And so, when God gave his stamp of approval to Jesus, it allowed us to know that that is God’s stamp of approval. And so if that is the best, and we know that Jesus was the absolute best, we get to do everything in life modeled after Jesus, modeled after the way he communicated, after the way that he impacted up to the way that he showed grace to those around him.

Father God, thank you for the stamp of approval. Thank you for your one and only Son, Jesus, who came down from heaven and died on a cross for us, Florida. We always fix our eyes to him. He is the example. He is everything we should work to be like; we know we always fall short of perfection. We always fall short of righteousness; the Lord, with our eyes, fixed on Jesus, we can work to be like him more and more each and every day. So, God, we thank you for that. We thank you for the strength that you give us. We thank you for the opportunities that you bless us with. And Lord, we just fix our eyes on Jesus. Jesus, we love you. We thank you for what you did. We thank you for being the greatest example we thank you for being the one who leads us into the next day. So we ask that you bless us today. You bless us tomorrow. And you bless us for the years to come. It is in your holy name that we pray. Amen.

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