June 28, 2022

542. Deeds, Work, & Perseverance

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Episode 542

I know your deeds, your hard work, and your perseverance. I know that you cannot tolerate wicked people, that you have tested those who claim to be apostles but are not and have found them false.
Revelation 2:2

I read a little bit before a little bit beyond this first just so I can try to understand more of the context and to see how it speaks to me. And what I got from this is that we must be people who are true to our deeds, our hard work in our perseverance. We must press her veer through all of the things ahead of us, all the different movements around us; we need to press revere through all the challenging times in the office, challenging times in our social world, challenging times in our relationships at home, but through that press, revere and send through our hard work and our godly deeds.

We will always be on the right side of righteousness; we will always be in right standing with Jesus because his instructions are not hard to follow. His instructions are ones that we practice every day as we come together, and we pray we put him first as we extend others grace as we extend others love as we meet them where they are and show them the face of Jesus and the way that we act and the way that we talk and the way that we do things. And so that’s why I think that our deeds, our hard work, and the way that we press or veer through any situation. Tell us more about Jesus than it does about us. It tells other people so much more about who we love, who we put our trust in more than any other thing on this planet, more than any other entity, any other movement, any other been our deeds, our work, our hard work, and our presser variants must always model the face of Jesus. So I know that times are tough. I know that emotions are high. I know that we are a community of people who see prayer first. And so as we continue to navigate these charters, as we continue to navigate the waters in front of us, the seasons ahead of us, the days in front of us.

Lord, we look at our deeds, hard work, and perseverance; they all model what you ask us to do.

Father God, we thank you for a beautiful Tuesday. We thank you for the ability that we get together and your name Lord. We thank you for the opportunity not only to pray to you but to look to you for the answers and for what your word says in challenging times. In moments of need, Lord, so we know that the best thing that we can do is align our deeds or hard work and our perseverance with a lot with the Word of God with your word, Lord. So today, as we go about our day, may we look to the things we do. Maybe we look at the things that we are working on. May we look at the seasons that we are facing, and may we come to an agreement that our deeds are hard work, and the way we persevere through any challenge that we face is all done in your name. Lord, we do not want to be apostles that are false apostles. We do not want to be wicked people. We want to be righteous people. And so Lord, give us strength and give us the next right thing to do. We thank you in advance for blessing us with this beautiful Tuesday. It is in your son’s holy name that we pray today and every day. Amen.

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