July 1, 2022

545. Nothing’s Off Limits

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Episode 545


In him and through faith in him, we may approach God with freedom and confidence.

Ephesians 3:12

This thought came up to my mind. But I don’t know if you guys caught that Disneyland proposal in France. It went viral like three or four weeks ago when the cast member approached the couple as he was about to ask the question, and the cast member physically took the ring out of the man’s hand and escorted them off of the stage that they were not supposed to be on. And Disney had to put out a public apology on behalf of the cast member because it was quite rude in the way that all went down. And so the thought came to my mind. Imagine if that’s how prayer worked. Imagine if an angel, The Lord, saw you begin to pray to God, and He came to snatch the words right out of your mouth and escorted you off the pedestal and said You could pray over there. 

That would be a terrible, terrible scenario. Now, that is not how we get to approach the Lord. There’s nothing that’s off-limits when it comes to God. There is no gate; there is no platform; there is nothing that prevents us from walking and approaching God with freedom and confidence to ask for the things that we want in our life, to ask for healing over our bodies, to ask for blessing over our families to ask for mended relationships to ask for cancer-free bodies to ask for redemption and a loved one to ask for healing from a disease or addiction. 

The Lord hears all of our prayers, and nothing is off-limits. So we may approach God with freedom and confidence. And don’t you forget it when you’re asking for your prayers. Nothing is too big, and nothing is too small for our God.


Father God, we thank you, Lord, for a beautiful Friday together. Lord, we come to you in prayer knowing that nothing is off-limits. Nothing is off the table. We can have every conversation under the sun with you. And so, Lord, some of us have big prayer requests. And some of us have small prayer requests. Those of us who are just sometimes too shy to ask and so we know that prayer with you is an Open Table, open conversation, open one on one with you, so we approach you with all of the freedom and confidence, knowing that you have our best interest in mind that you hear us that you see us you know the desires of our heart. We get to have those conversations with you. Lord, we ask you, plus this beautiful long weekend, may we celebrate with those we love. May we cherish the memories we’re about to make. And may you continue to watch over us as we go on—day by day. We love you, and we pray this all in your mighty name. Amen.

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