July 15, 2022

555. Gift From Heaven

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Episode 555


5 I lay down and slept; I woke again, for the Lord sustained me.

6 I will not be afraid of many thousands of people who have set themselves against me all around.

7 Arise, O Lord! Save me, O my God!

 For you strike all my enemies on the cheek; you break the teeth of the wicked.

8 Salvation belongs to the Lord; your blessing be on your people! 

Psalm 3:5-8

Now we continue this little story. David is fleeing from his son; he is crying out to the Lord for help, and we know that there are many people rising against him, many foes, many enemies, and they all have a lot to say about David right now in this situation. But David has continued to press into his relationship with the Lord. And we see that the Lord answers him from His holy hill the Lord is with David he has always been with David and so we pick up today and chapter in sorry, in verse five, and it says I lay down, and I slept I woke again for the Lord sustained me. That’s a key point because it says that for the Lord’s sustained me, so off the bat, we see that David is sustained not because of himself but because the Lord says I will not be afraid of many 1000s of people who have set themselves against me. And if we continue reading, it says salvation belongs to the Lord, your blessing on your people. So over and over again, we’re seeing instances that were ever given to David, and in return, everything given to us is a gift from heaven. He is sustained because the Lord sustained him. And the same is said about us and our situations. We have strength. We have the ability to sustain any amount of pressure or any season of life because the Lord is good, and he gives us all the tools necessary to sustain the season. And beyond that says, salvation belongs to the Lord. So that’s just another reminder of your salvation, my salvation, the ability to live an eternal life. 

It’s not something that we did. It’s not something that we own, but something that was given to us, and it belongs to the Lord, and it says your blessing beyond your people. So once again, it is given back to the Lord. It’s his blessing that he gives to his people. So beyond the fact that everything has been given to us, we are His people. He gave us life. He provides us with the ability to sustain life. And then He gives us His salvation. He gives us his blessing. We are his, and all that we have is his given to us to take care of to store properly in this world. And so today’s devotional is very simple. May we always be humble and remember that he is who sustains us. He is what gives us our every blessing and our every need. And he is good. He is a good good father. He wants to continue to bless us, for he needs us to sure what he’s already given us appropriately.


Father God, we thank you, Lord, that when we sleep, we wake up again in the mornings, and we are sustained by your goodness, by your strength, by your grace. Lord, we don’t expect anything from you, but we are always in awe when you give us more. So Lord, thank you for your blessings. Thank you for everything that we have in our life. You are good to us fathers even when we don’t deserve it. And we thank You. We thank you for keeping us in the palm of your hand. Thank you for watching over us, sustaining us, and giving us a good life. Lord, thank you for giving us the best life. Thank you for giving us the family that we have. Thank you for giving us the friends that we have, the keeper for giving us the jobs that we have. And thank you for blessing us all around. We thank You today every day, and we ask you to bless this weekend. It is in your holy son’s name that we pray. Amen

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