July 21, 2022

559. For A Moment

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Episode 559


Truthful lips endure forever, but a lying tongue is but for a moment.

Proverbs 12:19

It is true that truth lives on forever. Lies fade with time. And today’s encouragement is very simple for us to remember that the word of God will outlive us. It has outlived generations before us, and it will continue to outlive us. So the lies that we see and the way that the enemy deceives us it is just for a moment. So that is true. When you’re looking at the span of generations, it’s also true when you’re looking at the span of weeks, or even days, or even years. So when the enemy is lying to you. Remember that it’s just for a moment that this lie will linger because lies do not last, but truthful lives enter forever. So the only way to stay true for the only way to have your lips continue to be truthful is to read, digest, and memorize the Word of God. And I know that I started this podcast because I was very busy, and this was a quick way to digest scripture every single day. But I encourage you to continue to read beyond this. If you have the time. Try and memorize your favorite scriptures. Try to start journaling and diving deeper into every day’s devotional so that you can continue to grasp what the verse is saying to you and what the verse is saying in the context of it. And so, today may we come together in prayer, asking for the Lord to give us the strength to outlast the lies that may linger for a lined tongue for a moment, and we know that when the enemy lies to us, it’s not gonna last because truth outlives all things. 

The truth will always out to any lie that may linger, so God has truth for you. And that truth is that you are perfectly and wonderfully made. You were born for a time such as this, that you were fearfully made that before you were needed in your mother’s room. The Lord knew you and that we are to cling to what is good, and it is for our faith alone, not by our merits, but by faith and grace that we are saved and that the Lord gives us His salvation. So there are many different verses that we can hold on to, and I hope that you take the time to understand them, to digest them, but most importantly, to memorize them so they are on your lips forever so that your truthful lives endure forever.


Father God, we love you. We thank you, and we ask that you bless this beautiful Thursday; Lord, give us the strength to look for your truthful, truthful words. Lord, give us the strength to turn away from the lies that do not jump into the lies now; I’ve continued to feed the lies that remember that lies are just before a moment and that this too shall pass and there you have greater plans. For us. So Lord, give us the tools to memorize your scriptures so we may use them as armor. We thank you for this day. We absolutely love you and adore you. We pray this all in your son Jesus is the mighty name. Amen.

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