562. Where I May Fail

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Episode 562

My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.
Psalm 73:26

Now the truth is, we have always known that the flesh is fickle. to failure. We’ve always understand that your flesh is greedy, that your flesh is the driver of your emotion, and that your flesh is the one that wants more and more and more. We’ve always known that the flesh is what gets people in trouble when it comes to cheating on their significant others when it comes to indulging in certain activities, whether that’s eating, whether that’s substance abuse, whether that’s anything of the sort, and we know that the flesh has always been that driver. But can I tell you that the heart may also fail now we know that the heart is that that tells us or makes us feel good. It’s what shows us, love. It’s what makes us feel like we are loved. But the reality is that true love comes from our Creator. And what we really need to understand is that God is not just loving, but the strength of our heart in our portion forever, meaning that we’re the heart may fail.

The strength of the heart is from God. And so we can put our trust in the Lord who not only created us, not only has our best interest in mind but dwells within us. The God who gives us the strength to go on day by day and so your flesh will fail you and your heart may also fail you your heart may lead you to believe certain things that are not true and may meet lead you to believe that that career was for you. That person was for you. But it’s not necessarily true. The truth and the only truth comes from the Lord, so we can count on him to be our strength. So there’s anything that I can encourage you with today. It said Do not put your hope and your flesh. Do not put your hope in your heart, but put all of your hope in the strength of the Lord. He is within you into wells with debut he whispers nothing but grace.

He gives you nothing but love, and he gives us nothing but strength. He is someone we can trust with our every fiber and our everything. He wants nothing but the best for us, and so I am going to put my trust in the Lord. I know that he is my strength and that she is the only reason and thing that gets me through each season. So I hope you can have that relationship for your today. Take some extra time after this devotional is over, and continue to pray to continue to surrender and continue to ask for strength in this season.

Father God, we ask for your strength; we ask for your wisdom. Lord, we know that our flesh will fail us, And Lord, we know that the heart may fail us. So if we are in a season of heartbreak, may you give us strength. If we are in a season of uncertainty, may you give us wisdom; if we are in a season of desperation, Lord, give us patience. Give us what we need to get through these next couple of days, weeks, months, and years. Whatever it is, Lord, You have us in the palm of your hand. You know what’s best for us, and you are a strength in our portion forever. We love you. We pray this all in Your Son’s name. And we ask that you continue to bless us day by day. In Jesus’s name, we pray, Amen.

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