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Episode 567


7 If you do what is right, will you not be accepted? But if you do not do what is right, sin is crouching at your door; it desires to have you, but you must rule over it.

Genesis 4:7 

May we turn away from temptation. When that tempts you to start knocking on your door, may you have the strength to turn it to God and say, Lord, I need a little bit of help today? I need a little bit of help because XYZ is happening. This person is looking at me a certain way. That person continues to text me when we know that they’re at we’re not good for each other. Maybe your temptation isn’t in a relational matter. Perhaps your temptation comes to spending money. Maybe you are just tempted by spending or overspending and not sticking to your budget. So the sin is not being a good steward of the treasure that God has allotted to you. Maybe your sin is in gossip. Maybe you can’t hold your tongue, and you need the strength to say, God, let me turn away from this conversation because it continues to feed the sin that comes crouching at my door. Sin desires to have us in sin is just anything that separates us from the glory of God. 

It is what makes us human. Because we are prone to falling. No one is perfect. We needed a perfect, spotless lamb to come down from heaven and sacrifice himself for our sins, but at the same time, we had the opportunity to rule over ourselves. We have the opportunity to be very cautious of what tempts us. We got the opportunity to rule over that that drags us down, whether that’s addiction to substance addiction or people addiction. To your cell phone addiction to social media, addiction to approval from others, and not just finding your worth and the Lord wherever or whatever it is. That allows you to become tempted and step outside of righteousness from the Lord. 

May we have this dream of remembering that we reign here? We are the rulers of our sin. We have the instruction to do so. Someone’s grip says this crouching on our doors, and when it desires to have us, may we roll over it.


Father God, thank you for a beautiful Tuesday. Lord, thank you for the opportunity to continue to gather together to continue to listen to your word, to continue to hear you speak through the speaker. Lord, anoint my word as it continues to go way beyond me. Lord, we thank you for the 1000s of people that gathered daily to listen to you, Lord, I am just a vessel, and I ask that you continue to amplify the words that you continue to speak through the people on the other side of this mic. And for us all, May we continue to have the strength to rule over sin. Lord, we all struggle with something, whether it’s substance abuse, addiction to cell phones, addiction to social media, addiction to people, or maybe it’s the addiction to food or spending, or we’re all very different. There are different things and different vices that get us, but we want to do our best to live a life that is pleasing to us to live a life that is as close to righteous as we can get. So that means being very cautious every morning of the things that tempt us, or may we remember you and everything we do. We thank you. We love you. It is in your son’s mighty name that we pray. Amen.

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