August 10, 2022

573. If It’s His Will

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Episode 573


9 In their hearts, humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps.

Proverbs 16:9

I wanted to remind us all that God establishes our steps. Sometimes we can become so fixated on the vision that we have for our life that we get frustrated, or we allow our emotions to overtake us when we’re led down when the expectation is not met when chip plans change, when things pivot. And what I wanted us to all as a community understands is that in our hearts, we do make plans. Like I said on Monday, we need to prepare for the fall. We need to get back into the rhythm of things in the sense of getting back into our prayer life, making sure that we are praying every single day, making sure that we invite Jesus to be the center of our lives, ensuring that we are off to not only a strong start but a steady start that’s going to last the rest of the year. 

Something that’s going to put us in not just communication with him every day but to help us stay present in the moments with our family. So we’ve talked about that we know what it means to have a vision for our life. We know what it means to have plans for our lives. And we understand that we need to take action in order to see things come to life. We cannot just pray about something, throw it into the air, and wait for God to magically bring us all we’re praying for. We have to have deep behind our word, so when we have faith that God is going to provide, we’re also working where we have a working faith, one that brings the deeds to the table so that he can continue to work off of our faith. So we understand all of that. We want to make sure that all of that is something that we comprehend, but we also have to be okay with sometimes it’s just not the will of God, and I had, for instance, one of the plans for my life. I started a bakery last year. I closed the bakery last year; two years ago, I had no intentions of ever having a podcast, and one day the Lord nudged me in a different direction, and I can’t imagine my life any differently. Because here we are 573 episodes later. 1.2 million downloads later. We have a community of prayer warriors all over the world, and I wouldn’t trade this for the world. So we need to be flexible that God has a way of moving us. He has a way of pivoting our plans. 

He has a way of directing our steps. And we need to trust him every step of the way. So a lot of the time, God is trying to move us; he’s trying to pivot us in life. But we are so reluctant because we have our eyes fixed on the expectation that we have set ourselves, so today, let us stay in a moment of prayer after this is over. Let us put on some worship music and let us ask the Lord, where is it that you want to move me, and am I listening? If I’m not Lord, help me in doing so; let me surrender the plans that I have, and let me allow you to establish my steps.


Father God, we thank you for the plans that you have for us. Lord, we thank You that You are the one that establishes our steps. We thank you that you guide us each and every single day. Or we ask that you continue to mold us to shape us to pivot our plans and shake up the expectations that we may have learned; we do plan our course we have a vision for our life. But we know that our vision is nothing compared to your plans as the Lord if we are reluctant to change. Wake us up, show us where we’re being reluctant, and help us in surrendering. Our plans to You. Lord, we thank you; we ask that you bless this beautiful Wednesday. It is in your son’s holy name that we pray. Amen.

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