574. Miracles Happen

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Episode 574


He is the one you praise; he is your God, who performed for you those great and awesome wonders you saw with your own eyes.

Deuteronomy 10:21

It is a beautiful verse, a fun day to remind us all of the goodness of God, to remind us that we have seen awesome wonders with our very own eyes, and it is always important to recall the moments in which God moved mountains in front of you. It is important for us to remember when he’s been good in our lives because it gives us hope for the present day, and it gives us faith for the future. So I don’t know what your current situation looks like. I don’t see what you’ve been praying for. I don’t know if you’re sick in your body. If you have someone you love that is sick, I don’t know if you are praying for our financial breakthrough. 

If you are praying that your business takes off, that your big idea is one that you can build a business off of. Maybe you’re praying for a fantastic raise in your career; whatever it is, maybe it’s relational. Maybe it has to deal with your spouse or the praying and longing for a spouse. Whatever it is. We praise our Lord because we’ve seen him do great works. And we know he is only going to continue to do great work. So recall the times you had a miracle happen because we know that miracles happen. And that could be as simple as breath in your lungs. But think about those moments in which you never thought it would be possible, and God came through. I know that we all have them. 

We all have those aha moments where only God could have done that. And when you look at that, and when you think about those moments, and you recall those pictures or if you can go to a journal entry and read what you wrote before, when you were praying for that miracle to happen. If you can feel those emotions. You will continue to have like I said, hope for the present and faith for the future. Miracles happen. So whatever you’re praying for today, God has done it, and he will continue to do it for you.


Father God, we adore you, Lord, we thank you, and we praise the Lord; we praise you not just because you are good, not just because you do miracles for us, Lord, but because you are our Creator. You are our friend; you are our father, and Lord, we trust you with it all. We praise you. You have done great things. You have done awesome wonders. We have seen it with our own eyes. And so, Lord, if we’re praying for a miracle, we trust that you will continue to see that miracle come to fruition if we’re praying for a breakthrough in our finances. Lord, we surrender them to you. Make a way where we see no way. Lord, if we are praying for healing in our bodies, we ask that you place your hand deep within us, and you heal what is broken. Lord, you have the ability to do so. So reach and bless us, Lord, those who may be struggling with anything. We know that you can break that bond. And so we’re praying for those we’re thinking about right now, at this moment. We’re praying for our friends, our family, people that we don’t know, people that we do know, Lord, or you have us all in the palm of your hands. We start our morning with you at the center at the forefront, knowing that you lead us on this beautiful Thursday, we love you, and we pray this all and your holy name. Amen.

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