585. Look At The Birds

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Episode 585


Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?

Matthew 6:26

I know that we’ve done this verse. I know that we’ve done this probably this full chapter. But there is something powerful, and repetition there is something powerful in re-digesting content that you already know. And that is that God is our provider. The reason why this one’s important is because anxiety and worrying are completely traumas every single day if we allow it to, and it’s very frequently, or it happens very frequently, that we forget this very vert and allow the emotions of the world to overtake us. 

I wanted us to get the picture of looking at the birds so that every single time we step out of the walls of our home and look up and see a bird, we can be reminded that God provides for that animal God gives them everything they need to not only eat but to build a nest, to not only build a nest but to grow a family and if God can do that, for that bird, how much more will he do for you? Guys, we stress the little things we stress about when our spouse is going to walk into our lives.

While we’re going to be able to grow a family when we’re going to get that increase at work so that we can buy a house, whatever it is that we allow to keep us up at night, whatever it is that we are allowed to keep our minds anxious and worried. We need to let it go and remember that our provider is our Jehovah Jireh; He is our Lord. He is our provider. He is the only thing that we need to put our trust in. We don’t have to put our trust in men. We don’t have to put our trust in our government. We don’t have to trust anything besides the Lord that He will provide. Now, what does that mean? We can’t just walk into our lives and not look for when God sends us help. He’s not going to come down from heaven; open this guy and give you what you’re asking for. No, he’s going to send you people and resources to help you. So yes, the Lord is a good guest. 

The Lord is going to provide for you, but you need to keep your eyes open for when he sends a messenger or when he sends you a bone for you to pick up. And I promise you that if you keep your eyes open, continue to meditate on the Word of God like we talked about this week. If you continue to pray in secret, if you fast in secret, if you do all of this with a humble heart, the board will continue to repay you; he will continue to bless your life you will continue to open the doors of heaven, and he will continue to flood your life with his blessings, and his love goes. It’s very simple. We just have to trust him. We either believe it, or we don’t. We either know He’s God. He’s not. And we have to know if he can take care of the bird in the sky. He will take care of us. So the next time you open your door and walk out, you see a bird flying over your head. Remember that God takes care of that animal, and he will also take care of you.


Father God, we thank You. We thank you that you continue to watch over us, or we thank you for the blessing of our lives. We thank you for the breath in our lungs, and we thank you that you are our provider. We do not put our trust in men. We do not put our finances in the hands of our employers. We put our finances in your hands. Third, we do not put the hope of owning a home on the market. We put the hope of owning a home into your hands. But we do not put our health in the hands of a doctor’s report. We put our health in your healing hands, Lord; we put it all on you because we know that you ask us to cast our anxieties to you. We cast our worries to you, and we know that you are at the forefront of our lives; we know that you are continuously looking out for us, continuously fighting on our behalf, and continuously pointing out a blessing over us, so we thank you. We honor you this day, and every day we share our testimony to everyone we come in contact with because we know that you are a Good Good Father. Lord, we believe in our we don’t believe it at all. And you know that we do you know that we know that you are God. And every time we see a bird, we are reminded that if you take care of them, we will continue to take care of us. We pray this all in your son’s mighty name. Amen.

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