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601. Right Voice, Right Choices

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Episode 601


8 Lead me, Lord, in your righteousness

because of my enemies— make your way straight before me.

9 Not a word from their mouth can be trusted;

their heart is filled with malice.

Psalm 5:8-9

Today’s devotional is brought to you by my pastor, Pastor Christopher J. Alessi.

That’s a really big part of what I would hope people would understand in the Battle of their mind that you’ve got an enemy he’s always talking; the book looks at Eve and the serpent and how he was lofting up bad opinions and bad thoughts, and she bought into him she clicked the link she bought into that spiritual clickbait. We’re all doing the same thing. But it’s important to understand when you’re struggling in the area of your mind struggling to find peace, up top struggling to not have bad thoughts but to have good thoughts about yourself and who you are and what God says is available to you it’s important to understand that David was saying, there is no truth in the mouth of my enemies. And that’s something that I’d want you to know today. If the enemy is talking, he’s lying. We all wish Eve would have known that. That just the fact that he was talking to her meant he was lying to her. So maybe you’re sitting here today, and you’re just limiting yourself. You’re saying things like, you know, I’m just the type of person that we all know people who look at the talented people around them and think I’m not as talented as that. The truth is if you were to play that thought out, you’re not taking a shot at yourself. You’re taking a shot at the Creator. And you’ve got to sit back and realize any thought at all that don’t line up with what God says about me is a lie. The enemy is talking; he’s lying, and I wish we could make T-shirts like this that say there is no truth in the mouth of my enemy. 

There’s no room in his mouth for truth. I say in the book, and I think it’s biblical. I know it’s biblical. He’s not in between us and God, trying to lure us away from God. He’s on the complete opposite side of God. And when you put the enemy into that perspective, if he’s ever talking, he’s opposing God. And I realized that my mind is a battlefield, and it’s not mine to fight. It’s between him and God, and I know God’s gonna win the overall fight. So why would I let the enemy try to win the Battle for my mind? I got to remind myself there is no truth in the mouth of my enemies, which is why I like what David said earlier. Lead me, Oh, Lord, in Your righteousness. So that’s my prayer for you today. That when you get caught up in self-limiting thoughts, or we’ll talk about some of the other thoughts in the coming episodes, anything like that when you’re on your first podcast episode, and you think there’s no way I’ll get to 600 You got to remind yourself, hey, there’s no room in the enemy’s mouth. For anything true. The only reason it’s hard to fight off. Evil thoughts are because they sound true. That’s the only reason it’s hard. But if we remember, there’s no truth in their mouth. I believe at that. The point is we can walk away and say, All right, I don’t have to listen, just because I think we don’t have to pay so much attention to the thoughts we feel if he’s talking. He’s lying. So I want to go ahead and pray for people today.


I pray for everybody listening to this podcast right now. I pray that you would illuminate your voice in their thought life. Father, let them see that your thoughts are known and made clear to them in your word. And if they’re having a hard time getting out of their head, Lord, let them get into yours. By reading your word. Let them see there’s no room for truth in the mouth of their enemy. So anything negative at all, in their mind, is not of God, Lord, it’s of the enemy. And there’s no room for truth in his mouth, and Lord, we’re only going to think on truth. Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

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