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604. Clickbait of Self Diagnosis

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Episode 604


27 So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.

Genesis 1:27

Today’s devotional is brought to you by my pastor, Pastor Christopher J. Alessi.

He goes out of his way multiple times. Many people believe that Moses would have been the one to write down Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. Moses going back over the creation story, tells us how many times it was God that created this three times. God created in the image of God; he created them, male and female; he created them. So the truth is if you ever went to like, there was something wrong with you. Like if, like, you know, you may have an issue and you’re trying to get it medically figured out. The doctors don’t just say, oh, you know what, it’s probably this, it’ll do that. They’re going to spend a significant amount of time running tests to find out what it isn’t before they tell you what it is. Because a diagnosis has a lot of consequences. There’s a lot of so now that accompanies a diagnosis, the medications that you need to change in diet; there are a lot of decisions that are made just because the diagnosis fell. There are implications to every single diagnosis. So they have to be very careful that they don’t miss diagnose, and doctors will study for years and still not be quick to diagnose somebody. Meanwhile, none of us are experts in life are not experts in humanity. I love you know; the truth is any human that’s ever existed only has the experience of his generation. 

There are 1000s of years of humanity. There are billions of people that have lived, and yet we sometimes act like we’re experts in humanity because we know our thoughts. And we got to be so careful. The reason I bring this verse up is that you did not create you. So you cannot diagnose you. And I know that there are a lot of implications to what the world is saying today about self-defining. And I want to be careful. But when it comes to a diagnosis, something’s wrong with me. I’m not good enough. I am just too far gone. I am broken. I keep pulling my fingers way too far back here. It’s crazy. But we have to be careful because we’re not experts in broken hearts. We’re not experts in being too far gone. We’re not experts in being too broken. We’re not even experts in God. So the truth is, we cannot diagnose whether or not our situation is too far gone. We can’t diagnose if we’re too broken. We can’t diagnose if there’s no hope for us. Only God can. And this verse goes out of its way to say God is the One who created us, and He created us in His image are not created broken; we were created in His image. 

Today, you cannot diagnose yourself. That’s the most beautiful thing. It’s free. And I have to diagnose myself. How do you know the thoughts you think are any different than the thoughts that we think they’re not? We may be the ones on a microphone from time to time. But when this mic is off, and this camera is off, we are as normal as any person. My wife and many, they will attest to it. We are as crazy as everybody else. So the truth is we can’t diagnose ourselves. So we should stop trying. In fact, the word speaks so many times that value of two or three that it’s made known. It’s made of concrete in the mouth of two or three. We don’t need to be one of those voices. We need good people around us that can tell us No, no, no. This is who you are. This is a situation you know you got to go to church. We can’t just absorb, you know, absorb it online. Because you need to be around other people that thought they were to go to and realize they weren’t and watch God do it. So that clickbait of self-diagnosis tries to get to the implications of that, and right now, that’s just dangerous. So avoid it. Let God diagnose who you are. 

You would have to be an expert in everything to be able to diagnose something at all. And we’re not guys. I’m not an expert. I don’t know how God gave me a book, but I am not an expert. The only expert in the room might be Ali because she did 603 of these things are important because the fourth, so that being said, let God diagnose your situation. And when you read the word, you will see the book breaks it down. what God says about you, it’s a lot better than you think


I pray for everybody. That is somehow got caught up in the clickbait of self-diagnosis, thinking you’re just the kind of person that they could never go back to the church; they just don’t; they’re not that type of person, or are they just too far gone? Lord, I pray you to come against every one of those thoughts on their behalf. Your word says that Jesus Christ will guard our hearts and minds. So I pray that you would guard their heart and their mind today. Let them see you created them. They did not create themselves, and there’s freedom in that. Because if you created us, then only you can define us, and we walk into your definition of who we are, Lord in Jesus’s name, Amen.

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