October 5, 2022

613. Eat Honey

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Episode 613


Eat honey, my son, for it is good; honey from the comb is sweet to your taste.

Proverbs 24:13

There is something so beautiful about savoring life. There is something beautiful about eating, honey, about having good moments and having good times. Not too long ago, I celebrated my bridal shower with the women that I love so much in my life. A total number of 56 women gathered just to honor me in a way that I had never really been honored. This is a new season for me. If you are tuning in today for the first time, you wouldn’t know my story, but I got married in June, I bought this house with my now husband, and we got married because we wanted to live together under the covenant of the Lord. But we still wanted to do our normal wedding festivities. And so I had a bridal shower after I got married. My bachelorette party is next week, and I’m just going to Nashville to visit my mom with my girlfriends. And then we’re going to have a marriage celebration in December. So nonetheless, it has been a eat honey kind of season, such a good and sweet season, something so pure that only God can do, and it is a reminder to me, and it is a reminder for you that there are good seasons of life. Seasons that we can savor seasons in which we could see the honey, and I hope they when you see honey in your life. You eat it. You go after it; you savor those moments, those sweet moments, because honey makes life sweeter and seasons of honey make life worth living. It’s good to live life. 

It’s good to have a relationship with the Lord. It’s great to have people that can continue to pour into you, that honor you and your different seasons of life that are there for you in the good and then the bad, and so wherever you are today, may you look for honey and may you savor it. May you enjoy life to the fullest, and may you always remember that no matter what you’re facing, life is good. Life is fantastic. Life is great. Why? Because we have a good father. We know the goodness of God. And because we know the goodness of God, we can savor the sweet moments of life.


Father God, we are so in love with you, Lord; we thank you for absolutely everything in our lives. We know that the good and the bad are all to glorify You. May you be glorified and everything that we do. We thank you for the people in our lives. We thank you for the sweet moments of life guide if we are struggling with any form of depression with any form of dissatisfaction with the life that we live, or I ask that you heal us from the inside out and that you touch us where we are today and that you remind us that this world, although it might be backward sometimes although we feel foreign here. We’re foreign because this is just a worldly experience that you have sent us to an end here; we can still have sweet, savory moments. You want us to live good lives because we get to experience your goodness. So we thank you for that. We love you so much. We ask that you continue to bless us where we are and that you continue to elevate us to a life worth living for you. We pray this all in your son’s mighty name. Amen.

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