615. The Praise Continues

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Episode 615


11 With praise and thanksgiving, they sang to the Lord:

“He is good; his love toward Israel endures forever.”

And all the people gave a great shout of praise to the Lord because the foundation of the house of the Lord was laid.

Ezra 3:11

We have been very, very good about talking about the goodness of God in the last couple of weeks since the beginning of September. And we’re gonna continue that. I hope that you don’t mind. I hope that it gives you some sense of realism when you start your day with a moment of gratitude. And so we’re gonna continue to dive into it, and they say responsibly. So I wanted to pause there for a moment. Do you sing or praise the Lord responsibly? When something happens in your life to you, give Him praise immediately. I know that the answer might be no because the answer is no for me sometimes. And it is something that I’m trying to work on, and I hope that it’s a little takeaway. For you today. Do you respond immediately when something happens to that one that says giving praise and thanks to the Lord for He is good for his son. Steadfast love endures for ever towards Israel. Do you realize that God loves you and that His love endures forever? Do you realize what Christ did for us 2000 years ago on the cross is for you today in October of 2022. And it is for you in October of 2023. A His love is constant, and it was for you in October of 2021. So his love endures forever. It’s not just a today thing, and it wasn’t just a yesterday thing. It’s not like you had a great relationship with Christ. Two years ago, you lost your way, and today it’s not necessarily for you. That’s not true. 

The love of God endures forever. And then it says on all the people shadow with a great shout, and they praise the Lord because the foundation of the house of the Lord was laid. And the next point in this is, do you have a house that you go to worship the Lord, and that is, do you have a home church? And if not, I encourage you to look for one this weekend. Today’s Friday; what better day than to go on Google right now and search for a local church if you have one? You may walk into those walls on Sunday, and may you worship and praise his holy name, mean, thank Him for everything. So our three takeaways today for us to remember as a collective one do we respond immediately and praise? Two? Do we genuinely understand that his love endures? Forever? And three? Do we have a house of the Lord that we go to reside, participate in, and worship in? And the answer is no to any of those things? Or does that make it an effort to make those answers? Yes, because when you do, your life will be changed forever.


Father God, we thank you, God, for absolutely everything. Lord,

we’re going to be a better group of people when it comes to responding. Immediately. Lord, when you do something for us, may we remember in our spirit right then and there to say thank you, God, if it’s just a small thank you if it’s stopping what we’re doing, putting on a worship song, and just singing your praises. If it’s shouting your praises from the mountaintops, Lord, we are going to be better about responding to your goodness a lot quicker. And God, today we bask in Your goodness and Your love because we know that it endures forever. And lastly, we thank you for our home churches. We thank you for our pastors; we know that it is not an easy job. And so we look for one if we don’t have one, we look for a community if we don’t have one, and we thank you for the communities that we are a part of because we know in those communities, and we know in our pastors, we can continue to grow deeper in relationship with you because you have called them to be a leader, a shepherd for us. Now we thank you, and we pray this all in your son’s mighty and holy name, Amen.

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