620. Do You Have Something To Share?

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Episode 620


28 Anyone who has been stealing must steal no longer but must work, doing something useful with their own hands, that they may have something to share with those in need.

Ephesians 4:28

I chose this first today because I wouldn’t be lying to you if in 620 episodes and in two and a half years. I never or didn’t feel like recording, and I am this week was just a hard week, and so I’m in that mindset in that season where I’m tired, and I sometimes ask can I continue to move forward? I don’t have the words. What else can I say? It’s been 620 episodes. I know the podcast is growing, but what else can I do? And I am quickly reminded that God is a gap filler. He always comes through, and he fills the gap. He makes me strong when I’m weak. And every day something comes out, and every day an episode has aired, and I promise you that even on the days where I don’t feel like it, I will show up because it’s not how I feel, but it’s what I do. And it’s a principle I learned to apply to my life on June 1, 2021. I launched the show, and I have never been the same because of it. And so I’m working hard not for money, because this show does not make me an income. The Patreon family, I thank you so much for supporting the show. Your contribution is what allows me to produce the show at no cost. But I don’t make any money from this. It was never about that. It was always about pointing back to God. It was always about prayer. And I am so thankful for that. But what I’m trying to get here is work doesn’t have to produce income. Work has to produce something to share. And so whatever you do with your hands may have produced something to share with those in need. May you use your time, your talent, and your treasure to bless other people. May you continuously point back to Jesus, and may you share your testimony. 

May you continue to make conversations and introduce the grace of God and the glory of God through the way we speak through our interactions with people, through our ability to allow him to shine through us, and you will see. I will see we will see that our lives will get better just because we were so generous with the things that He has given us, the tools that he has given us, and the dreams that he has given us. They are not for us only. They are for us to share with others. So whatever you do mean, we do it with your whole heart. And may you always point back to Jesus. I don’t care if you’re a business owner. I don’t care if you’re an artist. I don’t care if you are still in school. Everything that we do has the ability and the opportunity to somehow point back to Jesus, find that. Find how you can glorify Him through your works. And stick to that; be a blessing because he first blesses you.


Father, God, Lord, today we come to the table asking the question, do we have something to share with others? And Lord, if the answer is no, we ask you to open our eyes to how we and the works that we do can continue to glorify, and Lord, if we are doing something that is sharing with others, God shows us where we can be more like you show us where we can continue to point people back to you. It is never enough because YouTube for us will always outweigh what we can do for you. But every day, we can strive to show others the grace and blessings you have given us. We thank you. We pray this in Your mighty name. And it is in Your Son’s name that we asked for a blessing today for your hand over us this weekend. Overprotection. We love you. We honor you. Amen.

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