October 27, 2022

629. White Lies

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Episode 629

11 “‘Do not steal. “‘Do not lie. “‘Do not deceive one another.
Leviticus 19:11

It is short, sweet, and straight to the point. The commandment does not steal, do not lie. Do not deceive one another. It is something that we can get ourselves wrapped up in a small white lie just in order to not hurt someone is just as bad as a big lie. And I know that at the moment, we don’t see it that way. We think that we are protecting someone. We think that we’re protecting ourselves. We think that if we lied, the situation would be much better. And so what we are doing when we do that is forecast so that we know what’s best for a situation and we think, or we take control of the situation by line. So let me tell you three things as to why we have to stop or catch ourselves from saying white lies. One. As we know, Pastor Chris was on the show not too long ago. He was on the show in September, and he said something that stuck with me. He said that the enemy only has the authority or has only been labeled the father of lies. He is a liar. And when we operate in white lies, we are not operating under the grace and goodness of God.

We are falling for the trap of the father of lies. And so when we do that, no matter how big or small the lie, we have fallen for the trap of the enemy. The second reason is that when we do that, we take control away from God over a situation, and we put it back in our hands. We think that when we lie, we’re making the situation better for someone, but in reality, we both pay the price. And then the third reason is that a white lie turns into a great lie. And small little actions turn into big actions, big deals, and so little lies. Only do one thing.

They allow your subconscious to think that it’s okay. And so it allows you to continue to behave in that manner. And then one sex on top of the other and then on top of the other. And before you know it, that is your next identity, you are a liar, and we don’t like to take any identity that’s not a child of God. And as we said from point one, God is not a liar. So when we operate in white lies, we are not operating under the Spirit of God, but we have fallen for the trap of the enemy. So wherever you are today, whatever white lie you’ve said, give yourself grace and do not have shame after this episode. God took Shane to the grave. But let us be vigilant that we do not fall for the enemy’s traps when he sets them. Any situation that asks us to lie is not a situation from God. And so we take everything to prayer. We asked him for strength to navigate conversations; we asked him for strength to be transparent with those that we love. And we continue to fight to live a pure life of honesty and truth and of following the truth of God.

Father God, we thank You, Lord, that You are such a good father, you are so pure of heart, and you protect us from those things that harm us. So Lord, sometimes we get caught up in a white lie, and the white lie turns into a big lie. And so, guy, we’re giving those to you. We give you the impulsive behavior that we may have to come up with a small story to cover something or to cover someone. Maybe we think we’re protecting the person on the other side of the white life. We know that the only thing that’s happening is that we are digging ourselves. The other person in a situation who shouldn’t be so God would give you the impulsive lies; we give you the white lies; we give you the big and the small we ask for your strength to remember that if we are participating in behavior like this, we have fallen for the trap of the enemy. And we do not want to take the identity of a liar. We want to only carry the identity of being a child of God, and so that means being pure of heart means being pure of intention. And that means being truthful in everything that we do. We thank you in advance, and we love you. We pray this all in your son’s Mighty Name, Amen.

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