November 2, 2022

633. Christmas at Church with Stephanie Alessi Muina

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Episode 633


23 “Then the master told his servant, ‘Go out to the roads and country lanes and compel them to come in so that my house will be full.

Luke 14:23

I have my friend here. Stephanie Alessi Munia. She has been on the show three times now or today is number three. So she’s everybody’s friend at this point. And we are so excited about a new project that she has; as you guys know, she is my worship leader, one of our worship leaders, along with Pastor Mary, who’s also been on the show, so I’m gonna pass it back over to Stephanie. She’s gonna lead us in our devotional. Today she’s going to talk to us about this really exciting project that my church is releasing in two days. 

Stephanie: Thank you so much. I love being on this show. I love talking to you guys about the projects that we’re doing. And our Christmas album Christmas at church. It came from my mom, Pastor Mary; this would not have happened if it was not for Pastor Mary. And also one of the women in our church. Her name’s Linda Brewer. She gave us the inspiration for this album. And she came to me and said, Steph, how do I rush home? I have no idea how to respond. And she said here, you take this idea that I have you write a song that you want to write, and it was the verse, Luke 14:23 And it says, Go out to the roads and country lanes and compel them to come in so that my house will be full… And the second I read that Bible verse, I immediately thought, come on in, come on, in, come on in. Here’s the song, sing the stories, join the hymns. You don’t even have to rehearse; it’s Christmas at church. And that’s the first verse of our song Christmas at church. And it came in an instant, and it was all because somebody in our church Linda Brewer stepped out in faith and gave me a song idea. She didn’t even want it for herself. She said, ” Take this idea, run with it,” and we did. And we created an eight-song Christmas album out of it, and you’re going to love it. It’s going to bring so much joy to your Christmas season. It’s going to bring Jesus to your season. And we want to encourage you to go to church during the Christmas season and to invite your family and friends during the Christmas season. Because that’s what this season is all about. Trust me. I love hot chocolate. I love the Christmas wrapping. I love Christmas shopping, especially please don’t take the shopping away from me. I need the Christmas shopping. But the highlight of the Christmas season for me is church time. Even if you’re not connected to a church yet, find a church connect to it this Christmas season; let Santa Claus be the sign that it’s time for you to connect your church and go as often as you can go set up the Christmas trees and hang out with different women there at the church with a different men there at the church and just get to know your church community during the Christmas time has really to me that is some of the best memories made at church and we hope that this album encourages you to do so. So Christmas at church, eight songs, you’re going to love it. It’s on every single platform where you can listen to music, so Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube, we even have live performance videos that we think you guys will love. But mostly, we just want you to enjoy this Christmas season with your church family. And I hope that you guys are encouraged this Christmas season… 


Community, as you guys know, we are officially on November second, that is day-to-day, and we are getting into that busy season. So I hope that you take Stephanie’s words and you apply them to your life. Find a church, and get connected. Find a community of people who are like-minded and remember that Jesus is the reason for this season, so we are going to be starting a mini-series of gratitude now that we are in this November month. Next month we are going to be doing our annual Advent series. So we might have additional guests. I’m really excited as the podcast continues to grow, as my church family continues to grow, and as we as a community continue to grow.


Thank you so much for this season that we get to experience together. God, there’s anybody on this podcast that feels like they don’t have a community yet. I pray that you will open up the door to a new community for them and that you will just suddenly introduce them to the people that they need to be around so that people that they can genuinely connect with Father so that they won’t be alone, that their children won’t be alone that their spouses won’t be alone, but that they will find a family a church family, brothers and sisters that they can spend this Christmas time with God let this be a generous Christmas time. Will you just bless us, and we bless your church in return. And we thank You, Father, and we glorify you. And in Jesus name, we pray, Amen.

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