November 10, 2022

639. God is Good

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Episode 639


The Lord is good to all, and his compassion is over all that he has made.

Psalm 145:9

It’s sometimes so easy to get wrapped up in the motions of life that we forget how good God is. And it happened to me today. It is Thursday, recorded the day before, so I am speaking as of my moment on a Wednesday, and I had a flight scheduled on Wednesday night to get to Nashville. And right now, Florida is dealing with a little bit of a hurricane situation, and my flight to Nashville was for my bachelorette party and all of my girls and all of my sisters. We all had these flights out for Thursday, and sorry for Wednesday night and Thursday. Anyway, so the hurricane lands today at 8 pm. So Wednesday 8 pm. And my flight was canceled. All of our flights were canceled, and we were automatically rebooked for Friday night. But the party ends on Sunday night. So we’ve prepped, and we’ve worked really hard to come up with an itinerary; my sisters have worked extremely hard to do this for me. And right now. It’s all in the air. It’s all canceled. And so I’m really sad. And the first thing that my husband wanted to do was pray. And I said no, I refused the prayer. And it was because I was mad. Why is this happening? A hurricane in November. That’s very odd. For us, during this time of the season. I know it’s to hurricane season, but usually, once we get past October, hurricane season is we’re in the clear but not this year. It is November 9, and we are getting hit by a hurricane, and it’s not a big one. So I’m not necessarily worried about the repercussions of the hurricane. However, I pray that not a lot of damage happens to the state of Florida, especially since it’s going over to Tampa again. But at the same time, I was really frustrated because I’d been waiting for this weekend for months now, and I was so quick to just dismiss God when Manny was offering to pray for us. So long story short, Manny prayed by himself, and I did not. I turned to take, and within an hour, I was rebooked to a new flight for an afternoon flight, so this one’s not canceled, and so Many look to me. He’s like prayer works. And 

I felt so ashamed at the moment because I could have surrendered that moment like we talked about yesterday and just prayed with Manny, but I was so mad that this was not going my way that I neglected the chance to talk to God. And so God is good at all times, Lord is good to all, and he is tender. And he’s not one to hurt us. And so in moments where we think that the world is working against us, where we think God is working against us, that’s not his tenderness, that’s not his mercy. And he is always there to help find a way when there is no way, so if you take my experience into consideration moving forward, that is not the one working against you. That is the repercussions of living in a fallen world. God is there to help you. God is good, so the next time you get really upset, don’t be like me, don’t turn the cheek. But take the opportunity to surrender the moment to surrender the plans and to pray to a good, good father. So thankful that my husband did that for me.


Father God, we thank you, Lord, for this beautiful Thursday. Thank you for moments in life that show us your goodness rather than thinking that you are there against us; we know that you’re not; you know that you are a good father anymore tender anymore. You show mercy, Lord, and so you want only the best for us. And so we surrender all plants. We surrender all moments. And we remember your goodness; thank you for that. We thank you for your son and thank you for everything in our lives. We ask that you continue to heal our bodies if you’re sick in our bodies. We ask that you heal our minds if we struggle with anxiety and depression. We ask that you feel our control issues and you heal our pride Lord, we ask that you continue to be a friend and a father that we can always count on. We love you with everything in us. It is in your holy name that we pray. Amen

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