November 17, 2022

644. Good Gifter

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Episode 644


17 Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.

James 1:17

I had to think about that for a second. So I personally like quality time words of affirmation and physical touch. I love hugs. I like to hold hands, but many are the opposite. He likes to give gifts. And what I like about the idea of gift giving is that I can see how it lights up his face when he finds the perfect gift for a person. When he realizes that the gift adds value to someone’s life, it does make his day better. Now that interaction that I get to see between him and the person he’s gifting is a reminder of what God looks like when he gives us a gift. God was the original gift giver. And it’s not something new if we think that we are great gift-givers. 

We are nothing compared to the gift giver, which is the Lord. Now God gives us these gifts every single day. He gives us new blessings, new opportunities, open doors, and closed doors; even those are gifts. They are good, and they are perfect. They come from heaven, and they are reminders that God is fighting on your behalf. Today as we continue our attitude of gratitude series. I just wanted to be thankful for a gift giver. A guy who loves us so much that he continues continuously pours into our lives that he and continuously blesses us that he wants the best for us. I’m so grateful to be in a relationship with someone so great as that, someone who continues to watch over me to continue to give me the best because he wants the best for me. And in return, I get to give him the gift of sharing my testimony and bringing others closer to Jesus. And together, we continue to build a beautiful life in relationship with one another.


Father God, you are the ultimate gift giver. Lord, I thank you for every good and perfect gift that you have given me and that you have given the person on the other side of this mic; together, we come with prayer for Briana and her nephew. Lord, we are praying that his body is resilient and that he continues to feel that your hands are in the middle of this and that you continue to console the family. And Lord, we pray for an eddy and her chemistry test tomorrow. May you continue to give her wisdom as she continues in her career and studies. Lord, so many of us have prayer requests, some of the so many of us have needs in our hearts, and you see them all. So, Lord, we ask that you bless us today individually. You know what we’re asking for, you know what we’re struggling with? We know you know what we won’t even talk to you about because we might be ashamed of the Lord; you give us the tools that we need to give us the strength that we need to give us wisdom. And all of these are gifts that we are grateful for. We thank you for an amazing couple of days that we can look to you and be grateful for all that you’ve done. We ask that you bless us today and every day it is in your holy name that we pray. Amen.

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