December 1, 2022

654. Turn Away From There

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Episode 654


5 The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

John 1:5 

We’re looking at the story of how he was there at the beginning. And that In him was life, and today we’re looking that the light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it. And I wanted to emphasize or put our emphasis on this morning. The darkness has not and will never be overcome; the light will always shine, and so the holiday season may be rough for some people. So I think this message or this prayer in my heart is really for you. I feel like this verse really speaks to people who may be in pain. And so as we look to Jesus for the light of our life, and as we look to Him for the strength and for the wisdom, we also look to him to make sure that we are not overcome by darkness, because we know that in him, the darkness has not overcome it. So what I wanted to really speak to today where those of you who may be hurting this season. Maybe you just got out of a long relationship. Maybe you just lost a loved one. Maybe you’re grieving a spouse or a mother or a father; maybe you’re grieving a child, whatever it may be. Please know that Jesus is standing there with you. And so I want you to think of people you know and love who may be going through a season of grief. I know of one personally in the holiday season is hard for her. This is her third season without her mom, and her dad stopped celebrating; her sister moved away, and her brother is no longer in her vicinity. And so the family is spread out, and the holidays are hard. And that’s her story. One out of millions that I know has similar stories.

We cannot let this darkness swallow us up because no matter how dark you may think it is in the moment, light is shining on you, and it’s our job to turn around and face it. It’s our job to reach out for that light. It will bring us out of the dark that we are feeling, and it will bring us peace that transcends all understandings. That’s a promise that Jesus gives us. So I hope today that we find the strength to do so. I hope that you find the strength to talk to that person they love so much that you see yourself going through a difficult time, and you tell them that Jesus is right there. He’s reaching out for her or for him, and this is just for a moment. But every season moving forward, every holiday season will still be one to celebrate because the reason for this season is Jesus and all that he has done in your life and in the life of your friend, and in the life of your family.


Father God, Lord, we ask that you comfort today, God, that you come for those that we love that may be walking through a difficult season. That you come for us if we are the ones walking through a typical season. Lord, the holidays are fun for most and sometimes some seasons. They’re a little bit hard. We all can remember that one season, one holiday year, where we didn’t really feel like being the merriest of them all. Lord, we know that this season is about you. It’s about the birth of your son. It’s about the miracle that’s about to happen. And so as we prepare to receive Jesus in our hearts every day, we do so, but this season in particular, as we prepare for it, may we feel the comfort and the peace that transcends all understandings. Come down from heaven. Surround us with Your glory, give us Your holy embrace, the kind that gives us the peace to know that no matter how dark we may feel in the moment, we know if the light is shining right above us. It is in your holy name that we pray. Amen.

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