Devotionals, Bible Studies, & Resources for The Busy Christian!

Struggling to get alone with God everyday?  Trust me, you aren't the only one! My name is Alison Elizabeth and I started this community with people like you in mind. Why? Because I was you. Too busy to find time to dive into scripture everyday. This community exists to help you get in your daily dose of heaven! 

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Looking for a way to find time to pray every day? You're in the right place

My Morning Devotional is a faith based community working to provide devotionals, studies, content & resources for people everywhere. We aim to be an outlet for those seeking more time with the Lord each morning. 

Our podcast and other forms of faith-filled content have been created to encourage you to live a life full of abundance, freedom, joy, and peace with Jesus at the center. We hope you know that you are welcomed here, no matter if you believe like us or not.


I'm the coffee obsessed baker from Miami, FL who got too busy to find time to read scripture everyday. I knew my life was better with Jesus and I knew I wasn't the only one struggling with finding alone time with God every morning, so I put some of my dreams aside and I focused on producing a five minute daily devotional. What first started as an email chain, has now flourished into a beautiful community and I am so happy you are here!

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The My Morning Devotional Podcast

These five minute episodes air every week day, and are the perfect way to start incorporating scripture into your daily routine. Listen for some daily wisdom & encouragement. 


Our Bible Studies

Our collection of workbooks will continue to grow and each of them have been written to help you dive deeper into your faith. Get your hands on our latest book today. 


Have you ever asked

How Do I Pray?

I get that question a lot. Sometimes when you're just starting off your prayer journey or when you need help hearing from God, you may ask this question. It's okay, we've all been here! This freebie should help.